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  "Meaningful Music"
A Feature Story
Some stories simply stand out in their significance and impact so get posted here.
Key Discussion Topics
  "A New Kid by Friday"
                                            Kevin Leman
Mr Leman presents some basic  universal concepts on good family life.  The series is set out in 5 sessions with work sheets.
You can work through the lessons at your own pace and impliment
what you learn as you go.   These principles work for parents, grandparents and kids alike.
Little Country Church
Thief in the Night (series)
Second Coming of Christ:  - It will happen the question is only about when and what that might look like.  Are your prepared?
Who is Jesus Christ?
Keep the  Faith to the End   
Chosen because of the attempt to be consistent
with Biblical information rather than just a story
linda boettger
steve dennis
2022  CAMP