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Elder Leadership
   Resident pastoral care   Steve and Joyce Dennis
   Board chairman            Ed Turner
   Board member             David Kramps
   Board member             Reinhard Dittmer
   Board Member             Lance Sheppard  "Shep"
Pastoral Care  and Preaching
Steve & Joyce DENNIS  - former missionaries to N.Africa
have served locally for 20 years in a variety of capacities.
Steve born into a missionary family serving in S.Africa.
-grew up in Three Hills, AB -met Joyce from Enchant, AB
at the Prairie Bible College.-grads of  1977/1978
Married in 1980 and have 4 children and 8 grandkids.
Ed and Colleen Turner:  former full time pastor of TLGF
involved in pastoral ministry for 40 years.  Chairman of
the Elder's board and together share in the ministry in
our community though they live in Camrose, AB
Currently there are no paid positions at TLGF
Reinhard & Rizelle Dittmer - a faithful preacher of the Word of God.  German Lutheran background with more than a decade of full time ministry experience.   Rizelle is our South African blessing.  Deitmer holds an advisory role on the board.
Lance Sheppard  ("Shep")  - our favourite millitary medic.   Father of three girls  often does the "Kids Korner" story.  His vibrant servant attitude is an asset to the health of the local church.  His beloved Cheryl is a committed mom, who  brings a positive note to any conversation.