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A Community Based Church (our ministry and resources are local) - "Evangelical" (basically means we believe in talking a lot about God's love and forgiveness)
-"Non Denominational" (we are not connected to any particular Denomination or group of churches.)  Our focus is about people instead of any emphasis on certain traditions.
Musical Specials
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Thorhild, Alberta   Box 394  T0A3J0
602  4th St.  Thorhild, AB
         A Community based  Evangelical Church
Ph. 780-398-2199
11:00am  Sundays
Thorhild Living Gospel Fellowship
Come Join Us:
           602 4ST
      Thorhild, AB
  Growth and Encouragement Resources
At Loraine's Place
                   Joyce Dennis   Tim Boettger
Steve Patterson    Loraine Patterson
 Live Jamming Session
        Steve  Tim  and Darrell
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