is not for sale,  however...
   If you contact your youth group leaders, they can apply to lease the movie for a public viewing in your church or community hall.
   The lease is limited to the cost of shipping.   The movie will be sent on  BR-D  (BlueRay disk)  and must be returned after each use.
   Because all the participants are minors, these measures are taken to protect unwanted internet exposure.   The content in part or in whole may never be posted on line or any other media platform.
   All rights and copy permissions will remain the sole property of TLGF-YOUTH ministries.   Which is the youth ministry outreach of
Thorhild Living Gospel Fellowship.   
Box 394 Thorhild, AB  T0A3J0
NOTE:   You might be disappointed -because this
                 movie was made for a specific audience.
5min Trailer      
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