Tim and Linda  Boettger

:  (1955-) of whom is said "he was born with a clarinet!"
          has found God faithful in the many struggles of life.
(Peters): (1954-)
"castlelady@gmail.com" - now with MS still reaches out to others
           to be an encouragement.       
Enjoys music, singing, hobbies and being alone in the country.

Praying that our music will be an encouragement to you!
"When the Roll is Called"  - Remember when attendance was called in school?  -the answer was one word, "Here!"  -it was not a long explanation of how I got there -or why!  Jesus inferred the same idea when He talked about the one lost sheep.  The shepherd counted and one was not there -that was enought for Him to go looking.  Do you know any lost sheep?

We had a lot of enjoyment doing this rendition of this song.  Look up the words if you have minute to reflect on one of the most important moments of human experience.   Will you be there?
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