Tim and Linda  Boettger

:  (1955-) of whom is said "he was born with a clarinet!"
          has found God faithful in the many struggles of life.
(Peters): (1954-)
"castlelady@gmail.com" - now with MS still reaches out to others
           to be an encouragement.       
Enjoys music, singing, hobbies and being alone in the country.

Praying that our music will be an encouragement to you!
"In the Garden" is especially meaningful facing the struggles of health.  It is one thing facing the decline of your own health, totally another to watch your life partner lose piece by piece the abilities that makes her unique.   It is only by spending time in the quiet of God's presence is it possible to stand in the face of life's storm.

I trust my rendition of this song as accompanied by my friend Steve Dennis will be a reminder of the hope and strength that you can have and that I need on a daily basis.  I'd appreciate your prayers.  TIM
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