Steve & Joyce Dennis
Pastoral Care
at Thorhild Living Gospel Fellowship
                    604 4ST Thorhild, AB T0A3J0   780-398-2199
Steve:  (1954-)  born in South Africa to missionary parents
            served in missions in Mali, N.Africa after marrying
(Loewen): (1955-) of Enchant Alberta. 
            are blessed with four children and 8 grandchildren

Enjoy music, singing, hobbies and integrating with people

Praying that our music will be an encouragement to you!

"The Little Country Church"  - the instant I heard this song, I wanted to learn it.   It captures the mix of music that I enjoy.   The problem was that it was out of my vocal range, that is until one day I had a bit of a cold that "put my voice in the basement."  So we had some fun trying!

The message of True hope is really what I want to convey - enjoy!
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