Steve & Joyce Dennis
Pastoral Care
at Thorhild Living Gospel Fellowship
                    604 4ST Thorhild, AB T0A3J0   780-398-2199
Steve:  (1954-)  born in South Africa to missionary parents
            served in missions in Mali, N.Africa after marrying
(Loewen): (1955-) of Enchant Alberta. 
            are blessed with four children and 8 grandchildren

Enjoy music, singing, hobbies and integrating with people

Praying that our music will be an encouragement to you!
"Build My Mansion" is especiallly meaningful now with the passing of both sets of our parents.  The most important thing, however, is to be ready for one's own entrance into Eternity.  Life is a jungle if we have not the guidance of the Word of God.  It is recorded in the Bible that Jesus Christ promised to build a mansion for each of those who follow Him.   Maybe it's more like a room, but whatever the case, a place to spend Eternity with God.  Enjoy the song and we hope you have or will put your trust in the forgiveness of your sins through Jesus' life, death and resurection.  Maybe we will be neighbours up there!     S&J
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