"Rock Solid Concrete"  Gospel Singers!
"Glory to His Name" - done in four part harmony by Steve Paterson, Kalab Hunter, Eva Neufeld, Joyce and Steve Dennis.   Melinda at the piano, Jon Dennis on the bass guitar.

There is a joyful overtone about the amazing liberty found in our surrender to the love and purpose of God.  Letting the perfection of God erase the imperfection of human failure is accomplished by the ultimate sacrifice.   It is beyond even our comprehension to grasp the depth of love and commitment Jesus had for us that took Him to the cross for our sin.  He had every right to abandon us to the holy judgement of the righteousness of God's law, but in mercy He did not!  Glory to His Name.
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Sorry we did not take any pictures at this recording.   Due to multiple technical obstacles this was the only song we could actually use from that session.
Rock Solid Gospel Singers - are all associated by employment or relations to the staff of Rock Solid Concrete  of Athabasca Alberta.