Selected Songs
1. Build my Mansion                               Steve & Joyce Dennis
2. Did you think to Pray                         Steve & Joyce Dennis
3. I Believe                                        Steve & Loraine Paterson
4. I have a source                                        Joyce Dennis (trio)
5. In the Garden                             Tim Boettger (instrumental)
6. Just Keep on Praying      Joyce Dennis & Loraine Paterson
7. Calvary Medley                                                Steve Dennis
8. The Old Rugged Cross                 Joyce Dennis (accapella)
9. Sweet Hour of Prayer                   Steve & Loraine Paterson
10. Since Jesus Came into My Heart                     Group song
Steve & Joyce
     Tim & Linda
       Boettger >>
   Nellie/Henry   Steve, Laura, Lauraine 
11.  Glory to His Name                                            Group song
12.  When the Roll is called up Younder              Tim Boettger
Our greatest Treasure is the Loving Forgiving Merciful Saviour Jesus Christ.  To sing His praises is our duty and loyalty of love.
13.  Search Me                           Steve Dennis & Tim Boettger
14.   Let's Talk About Jesus                                 Steve Dennis
15.   The Little Country Church                            Steve Dennis
16.   Vessel of Honour                                          Steve Dennis
17.   Wait a little longer                                 Joyce Dennis (trio)
Ft. StJohn - Jam session
      15,16 July 2020